Occupational Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety is of the upmost importance to our technicians, workplace, the client and the clients place of work. After nearly 20 years of operation, World of Air has a Zero Time Injury Frequency Rate and we pride ourselves on having one of the lowest Time Injury Frequency Rates in the industry.

An excerpt from our OH&S policy is below. A full policy and procedural manuals can be produced on request.

World of Air Conditioning and Heating Pty Ltd shall endeavour to fulfil its moral and legal responsibilities by promoting and maintaining the highest degree of Occupational Health, Safety and Quality concern to all Staff our Customers and the Community by implementation of the following.

Our objectives must be of:

  • Zero lost time for injuries.
  • Eliminating risks within the workplace
  • Evaluating and modifying this HSEQ Policy to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Complying with all the relevant legislation.
  • Developing a culture where this policy is an intricate aspect of our business.
  • We will strive to create a working environment where accidents will not occur and in which Employees, Customers, Contractors and the Public will not be exposed to health hazards.
  • All our vehicle drivers are the forefront of safety when operating off-site within the community at a public level regardless of the type of vehicle being driven. With this in mind fatigue management remains a key safety issue and no vehicle driver should feel obliged or pressured by any other person to continue a task in a state of fatigue.
  • Our employees will be trained in workplace Risk Management to minimise incidents, which could result in injury or property damage and to report all incidents including near miss incidents. All reports will be made available to our customers annually. Staff will be encouraged to adopt a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Should an injury occur, we shall provide the opportunity for rehabilitation at the workplace for all injured employees to promote an early return to work as a normal expectation. We shall do this by initiating action as soon as possible at the time of injury and ensure the safety of employees participating in programmes through assessment and medical approval of such programmes.
  • At all times we shall strive for the highest standards of Quality in our Services to our Customers by maintaining and continually improving a Quality System of work methods that conforms to our Customers needs.
  • Preparation and analysis of incident statistics on a quarterly basis which will be made available to all our clients and displayed on the Company noticeboard for viewing by staff and visitors.

It is our challenge to make this Policy more than just a statement of our intent but a pattern of behaviour.