Environmental Policy

World of Air consults with our clients to assist them in attaining green star ratings and reductions in carbon footprint, along with striving to provide products that are environmentally friendly. An exert from our own Environmental policy is outlined below:

Environmental Statement
World of Air Conditioning and Heating Pty Ltd is committed to environmental leadership, instilling the highest environmental values in all employees and subcontractors, utilising the best environmental practices in all we do and focusing on sustainable growth and ensuring the safe removal of waste.

No Damage to the Environment.

All Management and Employees are responsible for protecting the environment and helping to reduce World of Air Conditioning and Heating Pty Ltd waste generation.

This policy will be regularly reviewed in the light of legislation and company changes.

We will continue to drive down the environmental and health impact to our employees and operations by:

  • Adhering to a “no hydrocarbon product to ground” philosophy.
  • Adhering to a “clean and green” philosophy.
  • Obeying the laws and regulations concerning the environment
  • Consulting, listening and responding openly to our customers, employees, Subcontractors and society
  • Integrating environmental goals into our business strategy while publicly reporting on our progress on an annual basis.
  • Monitoring our Hazard Substance and Waste usage

Hazardous Substances
The Manager and Workplace Health and Safety Officer are responsible for the coordination of hazardous substances. These officers will have expertise in hazardous substances or will undertake suitable training.

The Manager will ensure that the entire storage of hazardous substances at any site meets legislative obligations. In addition to any other specific duties, it is the Workplace Health and Safety Officers responsibility to liaise with the relevant legislative authorities and emergency services. This includes the need to ensure that a current Emergency Management Plan is prepared and available in the event of any emergency. The Workplace Health and Safety Officer is also responsible to ensure that the site’s emergency plans incorporate actions to be taken where hazardous substances are or may be involved.